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Food blogger Lotte wrote “My nieces are being christening is next month. I’m breastfeeding, and don’t want to expose myself in church! I don’t have much money, and even less inclination to trawl round shops. Please help!”

Lotte, never fear. There is a way to do this while looking as stylish as the occasion demands. Apart from the need to stay decent, you’ll also want to cover up so you can keep warm, and will want shoes which are comfortable for carrying baby, but also chic (obviously). It’s time for some fashion maths. The formula to remember here is:

Nursing dress+stylish blazer+large scarf+minimalist jewellery which won’t hurt baby+gorgeous shoes=effortlessly gorgeous, warm, church-appropriate mummy.

So … how do we apply this abstract mathematical equation to a real world problem? Well, I’ve come up with two suggestions. All of these items can be ordered online if you’re not near the shops.

Look 1

Lotte has blue-grey eyes, and will look fantastic in this colour block dress. Honeycomb is going to be a huge motif this season, and these silver hexagonal hoop earrings will look great with Lotte’s cool colouring. I’ve paired these with a cream blazer which has a longer length, and is designed to be worn undone, so will give lots of use afterwards and as Lotte’s shape changes. An aqua scarf will give warmth and can be used to feed discreetly. Finally, I’ve chosen a fabulous pair of glitter ballet flats which will also give lots of wear after the christening.

Teal colour block nursing dress, £55, Seraphine

Cream unfastened smart blazer, £45, River Island

Silver glitter ballerinas, £52.51, Boden

Frayed endings foulard, £14.99, Mango

Bento hex hoops, £34, Anthropologie

Look 2

For look 2, I have followed the same formula, but have used a low wedge heel, which will be comfortable for carrying baby. As above, all of these pieces can be worn as part of your day to day wardrobe, so will provide great value after the big day.

Navy wrap effect long sleeve nursing dress, £29.99, New Look

White woven stripe boyfriend blazer, £40, River Island

Black almond toe wedges, £19.99, H&M

Turquoise felt dot scarf, £24.95, Gap

Double watch pendant necklace, £18, ASOS

A final note on lingerie. This silk seamless nursing bra by Bravado, £26.69, is THE most comfortable garment I think I’ve ever worn, and it magically seems to fit as your size fluctuates, due to being quite stretchy yet also amazingly supportive. Everyone should have one. You can thank me later!  x

3 Responses to “Christening Chic

  • Thanks Susie! I love both of these looks… you are so clever! I will let you know how I get on!
    And to back up your bra recommendation: YES bravado bras are AWESOME.

  • Great outfit choice and so versatile! It doesn’t always have to be a nursing dress though – there are lots of breastfeeding friendly dress options at MilkChic which work just as well for postnatal figures :)

    • Hi Mel. Thanks for the comment. I love all your sites, not just MilkChic! Susie x

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