About Miss Jones


Hello, I’m Miss Jones, otherwise known as Susie. I use my obsessive love of shopping and eye for what suits people, to help busy men and women in London like you whip your wardrobes into shape, allowing you to get on with your life utterly confident that you look the part, in every situation.

Who I work With
Busy, successful people, who love to look good but hate to shop, because they are too busy and have other things they’d rather focus on! You are probably a working person, or a parent of young children. Either way, you value making the most of your time and bringing in a little expert help where necessary.

What’s My Background?
Alongside a lifetime of Olympic-level shopping for myself, and others, I spent 6 years as a lawyer in the City. Before that, I worked in retail, both on the shop floor and in strategic roles. I was proud of my work as a lawyer, but missed the buzz and people contact I’d had in retail.

What Is Working With Me Like?
I will absolutely maximise our time together. Having been a busy professional for over 6 years, I know what it’s like to be extremely pressurised, and to want to make the most of your time. Appointments are carried out during the week, which avoids the crowds and keeps your weekends free.

If we finish a session early, I would be delighted to help you with something else, but if you prefer to reclaim your time, you’re free to go and I won’t be offended!

If you’re ready to take things further, please click here to see my services.

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